Practical Production Brief for "Smoke weed everyday".

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Practical Production Brief for “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY”

        For our practical production we are producing a documentary, about a teenager from a good educational and family background, who after moving to Greenford High School turned to drugs and ruined his education. We chose to do a documentary because we have studied it closely in relation to module 2 of the Media Studies course, therefore feel that we have the acquired knowledge to produce a good quality production. We thought that a documentary would be suitable because over the years most people have produced horror film openings; therefore we feel the need to explore something different. We have decided to base our documentary on a social issue because we can target our audience emotionally, by showing parents what their kids really get up to at school, which in affect will create a moral panic. This as a whole will be achieved through aspects of media language, such as, using close up shots to show a character’s emotions, and juxtaposing contradictive images to create unbalanced moods. We are aiming for our documentary opening to be roughly 6-minutes long with a brief summary of what will appear in the second part of the documentary.

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        At this stage it is still early to know exactly what we are going to do, as the finished product will take shape after being edited, however after researching documentaries such as, ‘Biggie and TuPac,’ ‘McIntyre Undercover,’ and ‘Teenage Sex,’ they gave us a vision on how a documentary should be constructed. We particularly decided to focus upon ‘Teenage Sex’ because it closely relates to our documentary as it too deals with a social issue, therefore gave us an idea on how to include mise-en-scene, lighting and imagery in to our documentary, for example in ‘Teenage Sex,’ we see ...

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