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Psycho Hitchcock used the close up shot to reveal that Marion is blaming the audience for her tragic death

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Psycho Hitchcock used the close up shot to reveal that Marion is blaming the audience for her tragic death and therefore they feel guilty and also responsible. The tears in her eyes suggest that Marion did not want to die and illustrates Marion's sadness and clearly the audience feels sympathy for her. When the camera zooms out Hitchcock wanted to tell the audience that Marion's life has gone and also she is out of the film. Hitchcock used the close up shot of Marion reaching out to show that she is blaming the audience for the brutal attack and therefore definitely, the audience would have felt culpable as well as responsible. ...read more.


Hitchcock used the low volume to calm the audience following the brutal attack. The tone falls as Marion slides down the wall because the Director wanted the atmosphere to be miserable. Hitchcock uses music at the beginning of the shower scene. The instrument he used was a violin which had a high pitch and therefore it could be used to screech whilst Marion screams. The violin represents action in the film on the other hand the pace of the music represents the pace of stabbing by Norman. Hitchcock creates suspense by leaving the audience in the shower with Marion when Norman enters. The audience knows Norman has approached and wants to inform Marion that Norman is coming but are helpless. ...read more.


Hitchcock used fast pace of shots when Norman was stabbing Marion. The sound when Marion was getting stabbed frightened and disgusted me. He created suspense through out the film by not revealing the killer until the end. The violence used was atrocious. No-one ever had done this before and I believe he had done tremendous. Hitchcock wanted to frighten and confuse the audience and this is what he was trying to achieve and he succeeded. The stabbing of Marion shocked me and the way he changed the camera shots impressed me because it really got me into the film and terrified me. I believe that Hitchcock's favourite effect was the music. This is because he could change the atmosphere by the use of music and this is what he'd prefer to have the real affect to the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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