Public Service Advertisement (P.S.A)

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Nic Dean 12BC

Public Service Advertisement (P.S.A)

Media Studies Brief

 The task we have been set for this media project is to design and create a Public Service Advertisement on the subject of an issue of our choice. Public service adverts are not created to sell a product, but to raise awareness to the problems that occur in society. The advertisement my group will produce corresponds to the deficiency needs of ‘Maslow’s Theory’. We will be showing the ‘safety’ and ‘physiological’ needs as these are used as a means to exploit characteristics of issues, rather than ‘esteem’ and ‘self-realisation’. Our aim is for the audience to understand our main objective, which is to raise awareness of multi cultural racism among youths in modern Britain society.

The public service advert will be shown in cinema’s making the target audience centred on the certification of the film. The advertisement I am producing is aimed at young teenagers, (Aged 12+). Therefore, the targeted audience will be certified ‘12’ and ‘12A’, as this will be shown to a larger range of adolescents.

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Public Service Advertisements show a subject that is associated within society, or a dominant ideology of society that needs to be exploited, due to content being perceived as morally wrong. In the past Governments have failed to capture the main ideology of society and have focused on their parties belief’s and stance on issues. In our project we will try to show how racism is wrong, and the effects it has on people’s lives. We will use shocking images and statistics, along with suitable music to allow the audience to feel involved but also feel a lot of sympathy towards ...

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