Rachel Whitear-Critical Analysis

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27/10/03                                                                        Homework

Rachel Whitear-Critical Analysis

The photograph of Rachel on the floor in her room is indeed very powerful. It is a very graphic photograph and is meant to be this way, the people who took it used it for their crime scene investigation. But people who saw the photo realised that it could be used too send a blunt message to make people think twice before stepping into the world of drugs. The room that she lived in for the last few days of her life was bare, no pictures, no posters, no fancy paint, no wallpaper, no personality, no feeling. Perhaps she did not have the money or time to add anything too the room or maybe she was too swamped with her addiction too even care about trivial details like the colour of her wall or decorations.

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The photo is very simple and looks like it could have been taken by anyone, not some professional photographer, in fact it probably was taken by a normal policeman. The photographer has not used light to add effect to the scene, and has not zoomed right into Rachel but instead has captured the whole side of the room she is in. It is blatantly obvious that this is no ‘arty’ style of photo but that does not matter as the body and the room set the atmosphere.

Rachel was killed by an excessive amount of drugs but it was not ...

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