Reality or Art in a film by James Cameron, Titanic

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Reality or Art in a film by James Cameron, Titanic

For my analysis or Reality or Art in a film, I have chosen Titanic. I have chosen Titanic because it caused much controversy when it was released to the public worldwide in the way it told the story of such a tragedy. The Director James Cameron chose to add a love story to the film, in order to captivate the audience and entertain them even more than the special effect he added to the film when he sank the ship the crew had built.  Some argued that such a love story ruined the aspect of the era in which the Titanic was built in and met its ill fate, as a girl from the upper social class of New York would not have dreamt for falling for a boy from the lowest class from “Chipperwell Falls”, so this aspect of the film can be classified as art. However, in reality, you cannot be blamed for whom you fall in love with, yet the way the two lovers met can again be classified as art, a typical boy saves girl story in which they end up falling in love in such dramatic and sad circumstances. I would conclude that the love story in Titanic is merely art and was produced for the audience’s benefit, after all, would an audience really sit through 3 hours of a film solely on the sinking of the ship. The love story and other comical characters (Molly Brown, who was actually a real passenger) and the aspect of “La Coeur de la Mer” tied the film together.

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There were some strong aspects of reality in the film. The fact that the ship actually sank, although the way it was done in filming can be said was art. James Cameron didn’t turn around and think, well, lets say the ship actually did make it to New York, what would have happened to Jack and Rose then?

Another aspect of reality in the film was the controversy with the poor and rich. The rich women and children got on the life boats first, while the lower class passengers had to wait below deck until the crew were ...

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