'Review analyse and comment in detail, on the opening sequences of 'The Mummy' considering its audience appeal'

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Alex Watson                    FINAL – ENGLISH GCSE MEDIA 

‘Review analyse and comment in detail, on the opening sequences of ‘The Mummy’ considering its audience appeal’.

‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to try and bring back the dead’? Flesh eating scarabs, action packed features and humorous comments you cannot help laugh at! Genuine romance that will sweep you off your feet, ‘The Mummy’ has it all! This outstanding film directed by Stephen Sommers is guaranteed to entertain an audience of all ages. Firstly, let’s look at Rick O’ Connell. Enough said! Tall, broad, a handsome hero. Any female viewer will find him attractive as they gaze at his burly body. Men idolise him, especially when he is willing to lose his life to save the woman of his dreams (‘gullible Evie’)! Medium and close up shots settle upon brawny Rick as he battles resolutely through ‘Hamunaptra’, on a nerve-racking quest to find ‘the Egyptian curse of the Mummy’. This film will seem very stereotypical to an audience as it fits into the category of action / adventure films, although it also has a certain beauty to it; panoramic shots in the film are all amazing as they show superb shots of sapphire coloured clear midnights skies shining on the remote deserts; to the wonderfully hand crafted statues and pyramids of Egypt. There is the fascination of an ancient culture in this film - powerful love stories, and the enjoyment of villainous characters. I am sure men and women of all ages have a fantasy of being a particular character, especially in ‘the Mummy’, whether either sex dreams of being ‘damsel in distress’ Evie, or perhaps the ambiguous behaviour of the Maji; who seems to be a villain but is a true hero -The film is a ‘must-see’ for an audience of all ages!

Beginning in a luxury location surrounded by terracottas, golds, statues and pyramids, a low angle shot appears upon a bright orange sun that beams down on ‘the city of the living’. Sandy colours fill the screen as panorama and long shots examine the location of the city. Against these camera angles is a commanding soundtrack. The soundtrack creates dramatic tension that will most definitely appeal to an audience as it makes the audience feel as if they are in Egypt. Dominant drums, Egyptian like atmosphere, and costumes that glisten in every camera angle, it will certainly astonish an audience.

High angle shots are frequently used in this film. A good example of this kind of shot is where the characters enter Hamunaptra and the audience is able to view the beauty and scenic surroundings of the area as Rick, Evie and Jonathan gallop through. The audience can also observe important actions or movements between the characters - as this kind of shot allows an audience to see the sequence from a birds-eye view. Next, is where the title ‘The Mummy’ is revealed in a unique yet clever way- congregating slowly in gold like bandages. Gold and bronze like colours have been used mainly to blend in with the setting and background - any audience will find this short sequence rather interesting in the way the camera crew have used Computer generated images to almost soar the title in and out.                                                        

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After the title has vanished, a strong masculine voice is heard revealing the story of Anak-su-Namuns love for the high priest Imotep whilst betraying the Pharaoh. The voice over creates striking anxiety and effect for the audience as the characters have just entered the most important scene in the film. Extreme close ups capture Anak-su-Namun as she walks to her lover Imotep. Both characters are wearing golds, purples and rich colours that suggest royalty and wealth to the audience.          

The aspect of Imotep and Anak-su-Namun becomes connected with other characters in the film, as the relationship ...

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