Review of a Travis gig at Newcastle Telewest Arena.

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Review:-Travis gig

Venue:- Newcastle Telewest Arena.

Those fortunate enough to have a ticket for the Newcastle Arena have been queuing outside the arena since late afternoon. It’s a wintry evening on the banks of the Tyne, it’s bitterly cold and the rain falls heavily, but those who have waited in the line that slithers from the entrance several hundred yards back, and continues around the side of the arena are laughing, smiling and cheering in anticipation. What is worrying, however, is the fact that they seem content to wait for the four Scots, Fran, Dougie, Andy and Neil, otherwise known as indie superstars Travis.

But before Travis, came their support act, Doves. For the ‘Die Hard’ indie fans seeing Doves was a bonus on top of seeing Travis. Although currently obscure, Doves are an upcoming indie band with both ability, shown in their ‘Lost Souls’ album and potential in that they could be up their with the likes of Travis if they continue as they are. Doves gave an energetic performance spanning just over one hour, including hits, ‘Catch the Sun’ and ‘’. By the end of their performance it was noticeable that some sections of the audience were singing along with Doves, and most seemed intrigued by their style and performance.    

As Travis make their way on-stage to rapturous cheers from the crowd, frontman Fran approaches the microphone and exclaims, “I’ve heard a decent football team plays not far from here” which is met by even louder cheers from the masses. After a pause he returns to the microphone and announces, “I think one of the trends of the late twentieth century is that people are afraid of showing their feelings” and on that note the band glide into the vulnerable sounding ‘As you are’, leaving some to contemplate his words, then it clicks, the reason for the overwhelming success Travis have been receiving was quite simply because they weren’t afraid.

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Without a doubt, 1999 was a big year for Travis, releasing their multi-platinum and biggest selling album to date, ‘The Man Who’. But 2001 was also a huge year for the band, it included the release of the highly coveted ‘Invisible Band’ album, which topped the U.K album charts for several weeks. The band have also done a lot of work in America, where unlike similar acts in previous times, Travis were well-received, whilst playing famous venues such as the ‘New York Radio City Hall’. Their ability to change the everyday into concise, lyrical rock has allowed them to ...

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