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Yr 13 Structured Record. Joe Strudwick…


How did your role emerge and how was this communicated to an audience?

In the piece we devised my main role was that of the character of Adam. This was made evident by an opening scene set in the “Garden of Eden”. The audience saw Adam take a bite out of that famous apple and move into darkness, as is described in the bible.

        As a group we toyed around with many ideas of how to show the corruption of men, by women. But, this was the idea we felt we could make the most clear for the audience, and graphic in a physical manner. To emphasize this corruption the last image seen in the play was that of Adam taking a bite of this apple and leading all the other men in a crescendo of “bloody women”. This showed that what we trying to get across was that woman will forever corrupt men. Whether we believe this statement or not, it is the image we were trying to illustrate.

        As a group we made the decision to show all our roles, as being angry and incensed by what women have done to them over the years. This helped my role to develop as at the beginning of our rehearsal process we thought we should show the role of Adam as being very weak, and letting himself be tainted by the women. This clearly changed as we depicted him to be completely the opposite at the end of the play.


How did the group skills contribute to the development of the drama?

        As a group we could of worked harder, fall-outs were a plenty. We could have produced something that was of a higher standard than that of what we devised and we could have done it all with far less stress. But. We did get all the work done, and when the work needed to be done we all contributed in our own ways. Being all men it meant that a lot of different opinions were voiced, and that meant that we couldn’t agree on everything. However, as a whole we did have some good ideas. I think the idea to physicalise the 1st scene was good as was the idea to show the never-ending corruption of men by showing the last scene. Once we came up with an idea we all pushed in on well and tried to make it stronger and more effective.

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        Of the few weekend rehearsals we had, one was particularly successful. We virtually devised all of our play in the 3 hours we spent in school. This meant we were able to work on it every night after school over the following week to push forward each section.

        Before we started to think about devising a piece we all gave ideas of what we wanted to do, which ranged from life in prison, and levels of the social hierarchy to, showing whether men have actually evolved or if they are still primates, and what we finally ended up showing ...

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