Review on Live Theatre - You Made Me.

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Review on Live Theatre - You Made Me

You Made Me is, overall, a very serious play exploring the breakdown of relationships and the consequences and feelings caused, from a child's point of view. Mostly reflecting the effects of divorce, domestic violence and bullying. The mood is dark and depressing through most of this play, though there are relief factors throughout to relieve tension.

My first impressions of You Made Me were that it was quite abstract and different. By the end of the play I felt a combination of emotion. As the play progressed I become emotionally involved with the characters, when it had finished I either felt happy they had sorted out their problems or sorry they had not. It also made me appreciate how lucky I am to have both my parents together and taking active roles in my life. It put things into perspective for me and that I shouldn't take what I have for granted.

There are four main story lines in You Made Me; Jo, Judy, Greg and Vi, Wayne and Leanne, Lucas, Ruby and the bully, and Kelly, Lucy, their mum and her new boyfriend, Paul.

Jo and Judy's father, Greg, beats their mother, Vi. Jo is closer to her father, but she definitely doesn't approve or agree with the way he treats her mother. Judy doesn't get on with Greg at all, he is not her biological father and he uses it as ammo when they argue. Vi blames herself for Greg's actions and convinces her self she must have done something wrong. She is jealous of the close relationship between him and Judy. Bob and Nob also feature in this story line, they are two lads who bring a distinct element of comedy to the piece. After a night out drinking, Judy drives home and they crash, resulting in Jo's death. After this Judy leaves home and Greg gets counselling.
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Wayne's parents are divorced; his father has remarried and has other children. He frequently fails to keep promises made to Wayne, and Wayne feels hurt and rejected by this. Leanne is his girlfriend, she tries to comfort him when his father lets him down. But Wayne is hot and cold with her, and pushes her away. He has so much suppressed anger he take sit out on others and gets into trouble at school. As time passes he realises his father's promises mean nothing and gives up on his dad. He convinces him self he doesn't need or ...

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