Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet                                        John Kinder 11.3

Unit 1

Script/Stimulus: Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Origin: Elizabethan Play

Genre: Tragedy

Time Allowed: 4 Weeks

Length of Performance: 10 Minutes

Date/Time of Performance: Tuesday, October 19th 2004, 1:30pm

Venue of performance: The Brooksbank School, Drama Studio

Way of Working

  We worked on key themes and improvised around them. In some lessons we used improvisation with conflict, we did this by standing in front of everyone, and performing mini-scenes.

  To help us in our Romeo and Juliet play, we watched the opening scenes of Zieferelli and Luhrman films.

  To understand the plot, we performed a three-minute version of the play, which was reduced to understand the plot.

  Also to help us, we improvised a scene of anger, and played a game about insulting each other, which was very tedious, but helpful.

  We did many warm-up exercises, such as walking across a circle, and when we met another person in the middle we had to show an aggressive dislike for them.

  We had to reflect on ways to show dislike. We also played a warm-up game, where there are two people. We had to show who the leader was, and who was the follower by gestures, and the way we spoke.

  Another improvisation task began with ‘Them…’, and had to finish with a threat.

  We needed quite a few rehearsals, because we needed to work on our freeze frames, and fighting scenes a lot.

  During the dress rehearsals for the technical side of our performance, such as lightings, soundtracks, and curtain work.

  I felt that the fighting scene at the end of our performance, was the most difficult to perform, so we rehearsed most in that scene.


John (me) – Jack – Drug dealer

Thomas – Tommy- Drug dealer

James – Jimmy – The snitch

Oliver – Goblin – Other gang

Emma – Emma – Goblins Girlfriend

Plot and intension

Scene 1

  The two gangs meet and insult each other. We were going to have them start fighting, but we felt that it was too powerful for the first scene, and our first scene was introduced to set the scene and introduce the characters. I actually felt that this scene was quite effective, as we put a great deal of effort in the planning. Tommy’s gang enter stage left side. Goblin’s gang enter stage right side. There are about three lights just pointing to the middle. We were going to use a soundtrack for this scene to help create the vile atmosphere between the two gangs, but someone forgot to bring that CD on the day of the performance. The idea of this scene was Tom’s. He was the one who thought it would be good to have the gangs taunt each other, before fighting. Just like in the real Romeo and Juliet play.

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Scene 2

  Tommy’s gang beats up James in this scene. This was to establish that both gangs were very serious drug dealers, and very aggressive. This scene involved us using split-scenes, and took quite a few rehearsals to perfect. James is centre stage, starting with a freeze frame, and Tommy and Jack enter the stage from the left. There is one light pointing at James, and two lights pointing on Jack and Tommy. WE didn’t use and soundtracks for this scene.

Scene 3

  Tommy and Emma start meeting up. There is a secret relationship ...

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