Room 101 Script.

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Room 101 Script

Lights role up lighting the stage and applause sign lights up for the audience, two chairs are positioned in the middle of the stage facing each other with a box that has a leaver on the front of it.  The box is labelled Room 101. Paul Merton enters from the left hand side of the stage and light focus on him.

Paul: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Room 101. Today’s guest is one who was born in London and brought up on the streets, he is now living large in America as a comedian. Ladies and gentle give a warm welcome to Jugdeesh Singh.

          Applause sign lights up, audience applause, Jugdeesh enters from the right hand side of the stage. They both meet in the middle, they shale hands and take seats.

Paul: Thank for coming on the show.

Jugdeesh: Thanks for having me.

Paul: So I hear you have moved to the States.

Jugdeesh:  Yes that’s right I moved about 6 months ago, I’m living in California, I’ve been doing a lot of shows there in the city. It’s been good

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Paul:  That’s good. Well then Jugdeesh as you know this is Room 101, so have you thought what three items you want to banish forever.

Jugdeesh: It was hard considering I had 3 pages full of things that really drive me mad, but I finally chopped them down.

        Paul glimpses at his at his clip board and takes a model of a mobile from a cupboard positioned behind him and places it on the box labelled Room 101 beside him.

Paul: So then Jugdeesh your first item. Mobile phones. Why mobile phone?

Jugdeesh: No ...

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