royal hunt of the sun

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In scene I we discover the plot of GOLD, HOURNER, CHIVELRY and RELIGION. These 3 main plots run all the way along the play which is also drenched with RELIGION. In this first scene we delve in to the world of Spain and Pizarro. The opening lines thicken a plot of mystery and the past with question marks posed above the heads of many. Such as how the relationship will develop between the page boy martin and the almighty commander Pizarro. Old martin looks back in guilt and shame about what he did in the campaigns in time gone by. The focal pint of the scene is the recruiting showing the background of were Pizarro came from and why he is meant to be one of the people of Spain.


With the introduction of characters and the main one Pizarro we discover about his weakness which dose not hinder his fiery red soul but weakens his mortal body through out the play. In a discussion between martin and Pizarro we find out his standing on his feelings on honour chivalry and life as a solider. We find out about Pizarro’s experiences as a solider and how he says it’s just a job that involves killing and it has no glory.


This is a simple scene were we meet the “heathen god” Atahualpa as he hears of the arrival of the Europeans this is pinnacle moment in the play when east meets west and this will lead to the clash of these 2 super powers.


East and west have now collided in this part of the play the Spanish try to force their religion on the Peruvian people. It is also were the two leaders come together to delegate and discover much more then they thought they would have in common such as they both are basted children they are both powerful weather they deserve it or not and they both had to fight every inch of the way to get to were they are now. Pizarro from being a pig herded and Atahualpa from civil war and having to kill his brother.


This scene is a key stone in the play because it shows the failing of the Spanish moral. Its main note is Pizarro’s diminishing faith with direr consequences towards the character martin as he tells him not to trust him I fell that this is because of he has never had anyone close to him and if he let him get close he may lose him forever.

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Martin has embarked on the task of learning the native tongue which will help him progress as a character within the play. The Spanish discover the true loyalty from Incan to there god Atahualpa. The Spanish seat of to go find the Incan king behind the mountains.  


This is were Pizarro’s true power and passion is brought to light through two speeches first of the desperate situation and the choices they have. With his men’s moral dwindling Pizarro use’s a powerful speech which is passionate and has no room for error. The army ...

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