Scripted performance Two: My Mother Said I Never Should.

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Drama Coursework

Scripted performance Two: My Mother Said I Never Should

By Charlotte Keatly

Influence and Ideas

I thought that it was important to find a play with four female characters as we were all girls and although we are able to play boys/men it makes it more believable to the audience and means we can be more into our character and act more realistically if we all play our own sex.  I had already been studying the play in English and so thought that it would be an interesting play to act.

Interpreting the Theme

Although the play was a straightforward play about the lives of four generations of women, it was still difficult to understand, as in many places, the play jumped to scenes containing all four women as children.  We thought it would be important to act some of these but if we were to act them, we first had to understand them.                  Basically, these scenes are in the play for many reasons, they show us about the children’s view of ‘The Curse’ of course, meaning women’s Menstruation.  This represents womanhood as a ‘curse’ because, due to the social rules, women found themselves not having as much opportunity as men.                                        

However, in their lives, each woman tries to fight these rules and finding themselves loosing.  Each woman does what their mother did when trying to fight the rules and tries to break out of the ongoing circle. This is represented by the children all wanting to ‘kill their mummy’.  In was important to show that we understood this, and to try to show the audience how these scenes were significant too.  To make it easier we jumped from child scenes to normal scenes so that they could begin to see the significance.

Join now!

We also tried to use the stage to differentiate between the real and playground scenes.  The playground scenes were kept on the stage and the other two slightly off.  Of course, for the scene with the piano, we could not move the piano, we could not move the piano on to the stage, as it was too big, therefore we had to act off the stage.  We could also have done the garden scene on the stage but it made it more realistic, not to have it in the middle of the waste ground.


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