SpoonfaceSteinberg.Death is a taboo subject. How does Lee Hall make it an acceptable subject for the play?

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Spoonface Steinberg

Death is a taboo subject. How does Lee Hall make it an acceptable subject for the play?


A taboo subject is a subject that people are embarrassed or find difficult to talk about. Death is a taboo subject because most people are scared of death and don’t want to about it. Usually, when people are talking about taboo subjects, they make it sound better than it is. This is called a euphemism.

Lee Hall makes it acceptable in many ways.

The first thing is that death is introduced very early on (the first page) so the audience won’t be surprised by it later on, “the poor lady who dies so well” “If I could ever grow up. I would …….do the dying”

Also death is introduced with the opera to make death seem beautiful and like an art. The opera is played at various points throughout the play to keep the theme of the staged and beautiful opera going.

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Spoonface thinks she understands death, “and the dying makes me so clear” which makes the audience feel better because she feels she knows what is happening but isn’t scared at all.

She has a childlike attitude and isn’t embarrassed to talk about anything. She says everything exactly how it is so the audience know exactly what’s going on. She doesn’t use euphemisms to make things sound better than they are, “I was backwards” “And now I was going to die”. The audience now know that spoonface knows she is going to die. Normally this could be quite upsetting for the ...

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