Spring and Port Wine.

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Spring and Port Wine

Coursework Literature Assignment

Bill Naughton uses many themes in the play. He uses a family relationship through out the play. It is interesting to see how the whole family revolves around Rafe, and how they have to think before saying or doing certain things around him. It is amazing to read how Rafe treats his children like they are little kids even though they are all over eighteen. In the time when the play was written it was generally the women’s job to take control of the housekeeping, but Rafe seemed to take control over the housekeeping and he would not let Daisy have more than a certain amount of money each week. He also checked the books every week to check how she had done.

        At the end of the play the family decide to stick together, even though they have had differences in the past, they decide to put it all behind them and start again.

A modern audience would react differently to Rafe’s behaviour than a 1960’s audience would. A modern audience today would find Rafe quite a strange person. He says words, which people now a day do not say. One example of this is that he calls Daisy “Mother” even though they are a married couple, which is very strange. He also uses strange words that a number of people in the modern day would not understand like “Nay, bonny and piquant”. A modern audience would react differently to Rafe because of the way he treats his children as well. He treats his eighteen-year-old children like they are twelve or thirteen. He does not trust any of them in the slightest. He also expects them to pay housekeeping money each week from their weekly pay.

I think all of the characters are very different than how people act in the modern day. The children are all very different; Hilda is a young girl who I don’t think has a care in the world. In the play she becomes pregnant and the issue with the herring is because of this. Harold and Wilfred are quite similar in the play. They are both the likely lads who both always want to say something witty and funny. Harold acts like he is really tough and talks about Rafe and how he is not scared of him, but whenever Rafe is near he always acts sheepish and careful around him. An example of this is that when Rafe is not in the house Harold will have a cigarette, but when Rafe comes home he tries to get the smell of the cigarette away so Rafe does not know he has been smoking. Florence is the most mature out of all of the children. She is wise beyond her years and she tries to keep every body happy and does not want to take sides while the family argues. In the play Florence is in a relationship with Arthur. When the other children all decide to leave home she too runs away and moves in with Arthur. This is against Rafe who tries to talk her out of moving out. Hilda and Wilfred are two outdated names. There are not many children who would have the names Hilda or Wilfred.

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        Rafe and Daisy in a way are two completely different people. Daisy tries so hard to keep Rafe happy. She even persists on fiddling with the house keeping books to make sure he can trust her. Daisy is an unselfish house wife. She thinks about the rest of the family and how they feel before herself. All of the jobs she does, she does them to very high standards. Rafe is a very bold man, with hard mannerisms. He tends to show no emotions. He is a religious man and he tries to get the rest of the family to ...

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