SPRING AND PORT WINE - the audience's view

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                                    SPRING AND PORT WINE

The play spring and port wine was set in working class Bolton during the 1960`s.

The line between the working and middle class was rather broad, as the well of and rich people were out numbered nine hundred to one. The type of area they lived in was indeed very working class. This meant that households would generally struggle to make ends meets, the Crompton family were no different.

Daisy’s relationship with her husband Rafe is quite strong, their marriage doesn’t seem turbulent, there are no problems shown. She thinks of him as being a good farther but she does question his methods, which seem rather unusual to her but she has all the confidence in him. Rafe being the head of the family heads his household and manages it with no real problem, except for the arising situation with Arthur.

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Betsy-Jane called Rafe a “Jumped up husband” as they were arguing she bared her soul, the things she said were more that than just words of anger. She thinks that Rafe does everything this also includes handling the house reckoning up. This in her eyes is extremely unnatural and is condemned by her, a woman’s place is in the house and a man’s isn’t. She sees Rafe as having domineering ways and being a heavy handed bully.

Harold’s opinion of his father seems to be low but actually it may be very high,

Harold fears his ...

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