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Storyboard Evaluation

This is my evaluation for my storyboard. My main narrative code is suspense; I want the audience to wonder what’s going to happen next and to think about the unanswered question of who killed the children. The title for my thriller is 'The House', I chose this title because it doesn't give much information about the film, therefore people will want to see it to find out what it’s all about. My title doesn’t sound like a thriller title, it sounds more mysterious so it will leave the audience thinking.

Shot number 2 is a long shot of the 'haunted house', the camera slowly zooms intowards the house and the door. The house is in a secluded area which gives the audience the impression that the house is mysterious.

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Shot number 4 is a medium shot of the three children (Emily, Amy and Samuel), playing football near the house. The audience now knows that the house and the children are linked.

For shot 5, I have chosen to show text that says “And the fright of a lifetime…” from the two previous slides the audience now knows that the house and the children are part of the ‘fright’. This makes the audience wonder what’s going to happen next.

The following six shots show the audience clips from the film, the first clip is of the children’s football bouncing into ...

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