Street Dance Evaluation

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Daniel Smales                Street Dance Logbook

Street Dance Evaluation

In this evaluation I am going to talk about the process to the performance and my strengths, weaknesses and targets that I have made through the process to the performance. I will talk about how I overcome minor and major problems throughout my process. I will talk about how I developed my performance skills for this Unit, and in doing this unit how it has helped me gain experience and confidence. Also in this evaluation I am going to be talking bout the different movements, techniques and the devices that have been used in the choreography of the street dance performance that took place on Friday 14th March 2008. I will talk about how this performance went and what skills I used in the performance and how they helped me to create a better overall performance. I will talk about the ups and the downs of the process of the performance the differences that there was between our team gathering. I will also talk about the targets that I accomplish, I will talk about the targets in team work and we overcome problems. From these targets I will improve on possible outcomes and different styles of using performance skills.

Physical Skills

Spatial Awareness

From my performance that is going to be assessed I think my spatial awareness for the performance had much strength throughout the performance. I believe this is true because when I have to do the ‘WOW’ section of the dance I am aware of what is around me and what I am going which I believe is strength on my spatial awareness. I found a weakness although in my performance, the sections were me and jade are doing the box slide I nearly bump into Jade which was a accident on my behalf. From this weakness I must make this a target for the future that I must be aware the space around me and what is going on at the time of the performance or dance or any type of movement otherwise the performance will not work. I have also improved a lot on my spatial awareness from last time I did a dance performance although I would say this a factor which must not become a mistake because spatial aware of what is going on is working as a team to the performance if I failed to do this terribly the performance would have become a disaster, and possible resulting in other members of the group failing there performance.

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I think form my performance my balance was a improvement from my last performance with sue. From what I saw in the performance I think my balance worked really well for a performance and expected to have a lot more balance movements in the piece of performance but I found this to be a real challenge at the begging of the performance. The reason I found it hard was a section where we had to raise to stand using a similar shape to ‘S’ which really hurt my back but in doing this I needed to balance ...

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