Suspense in film - I have been studying the film "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock.

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                                               Suspense in film

I have been studying the film  “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock.

I will be looking at how the director created the suspense to entertain the audience. This film is an example from the horror genre.

Alfred Hitchcock (Also known as “Master of Suspense”) was born 13th August 1899, in London. He was a famous director, who based his career on making suspense films. He was also known as “Master of suspense”.

His example of a suspense situation is by placing a bomb underneath a table. This is a good example because it uses dramatic irony, because the audience knows what is about to happen, that the bomb is about to go off, so it builds up the climax and gives out the suspense.

Psycho was one of the most famous films ever made. In this film Alfred Hitchcock has used many different camera shots to create the ultimate feeling of suspense for the audience.

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The “shower scene” is very famous due to all editing.

The scene starts when Marion arrives at the Bates Motel. Everything seems normal at the start, but things slowly start to change.

When Marion asks for a room, Norman reaches for a key, but his hand movement is quite suspicious because, he first reaches for cabin “3”, but moves his hand back to reach for number “1” instead. By choosing cabin 1, Norman seems to have already doomed Marion to death. By letting Marion stay in cabin 1, he knows that he will be able to spy on her.

When ...

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