Teechers - Drama Play

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My first reading and impressions:

When I first read the play teechers I noticed that each actor

has to play more that one part in the play, I later found out

this is called Multi Role. Reading on I found the play

very exciting and kept you interested. When I first read the

play I had some ideas about staging I thought I would be a

good idea to have the audience all around the out side of

the stage later we decided against this because this would

be difficult to light and it would be difficult to form a bond

with the audience as you would have your back to half of
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them half the time. I think the ideal audience for this play

would be children of the same age as the ones in the play as

they could relate to the actors in the play and teachers as

they could also relate to the teachers in the play.

My Group:

In my group there was Me, Natalie, Helen out of all these

people I think Helen was the motivator she keep every one

going and kept every one on task she is also very ...

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