"Teechers" - Part 1 Assessment

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“Teechers” – Part 1 Assessment

My practical work took place in March 2004 and was a piece of scripted work in the style of a Comedy Drama. This was shown in Physical Theatre and is for option 2.  I performed a segment of the play “Teechers” by John Godber.  The main theme behind this piece was the relationship between students and their teachers.

I am going to compare and contrast this piece to another play called “Shakers” which is of a similar style and is by the same writer.  

The format of “Teechers” is a play set within a play where 3 or more students perform memories from their time at secondary school; this means that the actors/actresses must play multiple characters.  “Teechers” is set in a modern day Secondary School in England.  

My contribution was to play two characters called Gail and Nixon; my main character was Nixon who was a young casual male teacher new to the school in which the play was set.

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 “Shakers” is about 4 cocktail waitresses who pretend to be men whom they have met in the cocktail bar, they talk about how they would get a women and what they want in a woman etc… It is also set in modern day England, but in a cocktail bar rather than a secondary school.

This play is similar to “Teechers” because it has the same style of how people go around acting like other people to prove a point to the audience.  It is by the same writer and connects to how people think of others.  It also ...

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