Teen Movies Note on the first fifteen minutes of Model Behaviour

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Teen Movies Note on the first fifteen minutes of Model Behaviour What happens within the first fifteen minutes? Opening scene is at a typical teen house party with people drinking, making out, loud music being played everyone dancing and having a laugh.Before you even know who the person taking the photos behind the camera is you get the impression that they are probably a geek because of the funny looks he/she is receiving from the others, they are looking as if to say ‘what a freak get away from me’ this is apparent from the rolling of the eyes.When Sharon knocks on the toilet door she says “Alice open up its me” and Alice replies by saying, “Sharon is that you” and she replies saying “do you know any other me’s”, this to the audience shows that she probably isn’t very popular at her school and maybe classed as a social outsider along with her friend (this being Sharon).Alice is straight away seen as being the geek at the party with the her big thick framed glasses and her fashion less clothes wearing a giant red hat that makes her stand out as being a ultra geek.Her friend Sharon was the girl behind the camera and then the audience know that their predictions of her being a geek were correct with her geeky
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clothes and her being associated as the geeks friend(this being Alice).Alice tells Sharon to “pack it in” because she knows she hates getting her picture taken, her again it tells the audience that it may be because if people from her school got to see it they would laugh at it as she is the geek of the school.Alice seems to have been hiding herself away in the bathroom away from everyone else probably because she knows she doesn’t fit in at the party.Sharon wants to know why she still hasn’t approached Eric Singer (the hottest guy at her school ...

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