Textual Analysis of “So Graham Norton”

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Textual Analysis of "So Graham Norton"


"So Graham Norton" is a comedy chat show that incorporates various genres. For example there are element of talk shows and game shows. However the main focus of the programme in terms of time is the chat show based section with two different celebrities. The show is shown at 10:30pm on Channel 4.

Camera Style

The camera seems to pay particular attention to GN. This can be seen in all parts of the show for example during the interview even though the celebrity is talking the camera continues cutting back to GN. This shows the range of facial expressions that GN makes when he reacts to what is being said. Most of the comedy in the show comes from this, if the camera did not keep showing us GN's reactions not as many people would watch.

There is more use of the audience in most of the shots than in other shows of the same genre. And example of this is that when we see GN address the audience at the start of the programme the camera is positioned behind him so that we can see the audience. This is very different from the parallel point in other talk shows like Parkinson for example. In most chat shows the only real proof we have of the audience's existence is the noise they make when a guest says something funny. The effect of using the audience so much is that it gives the viewer the feeling that they are in the audience. GN is not talking directly to a camera at any point this s similar to what happens in a live audience. The host couldn't look directly at all the members of the audience at once.

Various cameras are used to keep track of anything unexpected that happens on the set. An example of something unexpected in this extract is when during the interview someone on the front row coughs. Norton picks up on this and makes some jokes about it. The cameraman has to quickly work out where GN is looking and get the woman into shot so that the viewers at home can see what GN is talking about. This fits in with the point above that a viewer feels like part of the audience. If you were really there when you heard the jokes you would look at the person question. Of course your vision is limited by the view from the camera. It is important therefore that the camera is left free so that it can focus on anything that happens.
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Steady-cams are used in the first section of the show. An example of this is when the camera follows GN as he runs round the audience. The camera stays behind him but also manages to get up the stairs indicating that it must be a steady cam and not tracked camera. I think that the main use of this camera is the fact that a normal camera would not be able to get this kind of shot. The reason that this kind of shot is used is because it lets the viewer know that the stories are not ...

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