How does the opening of the play set the tone for what will follow?

The opening of the play starts off by describing the scene and how everything on the stage would be set out, following that it briefly describes what will happen when the curtains are raised. From the opening of the play it jumps right into the story as though we are picking it up from where we left off, it doesn’t really have a beginning where you are introduced to the characters its as though you have to imagine what the characters are like. The description of the setting does not let on what the play is about, the way the lighting and stage is set up could give the play a certain feel. The description of the setting is like a brief insight onto the kind of play it is. The way the stage is set up could make the play seem very compact in the sense that it is set in one room. The opening of the ‘Caretaker’ is very limited to description it holds back on major detail which could be making the play seem more mysterious.

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Although the language used to describe the play is limited it sheds just enough information to make the play seem interesting without giving away the whole concept of the play. The way that the setting is described using simplicity makes the plays seem simple yet interesting. It’s not an opening that is used to build up the play but an opening to give the viewer an insight as to what the play is about. In the opening it in a few words it explains that Mick is alone, ‘ Mick is alone in the room’ although it states where ...

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