The film Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg from the best selling novel by Peter Benchley.

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        The film Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg from the best selling novel by Peter Benchley. The film was set in Massachusetts resort town of Amity Island in the height of the beach season. When the resort was terrorized one summer by surprise attacks from a great white shark. John Williams created the score to Jaws, which has since become a well-known theme to in depending doom. The film is generally considered one of the scariest movies ever made. It was also set on the 4th of July, Independence Day. Because on this day loads of people are out and go down to the beach to have beach parties which sets the scene from being near and in the sea.

        As the film starts the music begins to play very quietly and slowly begins to build, which starts to create tension. Then the camera shows the point of view of the shark moving through the weeds making the audience know that something is present in the water building fear. As this happens the music builds up, gets louder and faster making you think something is going to happen building more tension and fear of the unknown.

        Then it goes to the main opening seen which starts with the sound of a mouth organ being played on the beach. This brings it back to being a safe and un-feared environment taken the shark off the audience’s mind. We also see a large bonfire on the beach which makes the audience think that it is a warm calm (non-threatening) environment. Then the camera pulls back and shows a wide shot of the sea this is a reminder that the shark is still close which creates some tension. There are people on the beach and we see a girl and boy run of towards the sea. As she gets into the water and swims out further there is no music at all which makes the audience think something might not happen after all. Then we see an under water shot of the girl in the water which makes you think something is present in the water (shark). Music starts to play and we know that something is going to happen which creates more tension and suspense.

        The camera switches from top to below the girl building tension from making you think is it going to strike. Then the camera starts to zoom in at the shark’s point of view, as the music gets faster creating fear because we know that the shark is going for the girl. We don’t see the shark at any point so we don’t know how big it is making fear of the unknown. In the attack of the girl there is a pause as she grabs hold of a buoy, at this point it makes the audience think that the shark has stopped or gone relieving some tension. Then suddenly she is dragged back under the water making the audience jump creating fear and making their hearts race. There is a silence after the attack making letting you know the shark has gone relieving any tension. And all that is heard is the sound if the sea, knowing it is safe and there is know more threat.

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        As the film moves towards the second attack it starts on the beach. A young boy walks up the beach to his mother as a ‘moving subject’ camera angle. This makes the audience think that the boy is a potential victim for the next attack. The camera angle moves to a ‘two shot’ of the boy and his mum. We start to learn more about the boy e.g. his name he asks to stay in the sea this creates empathy because he could be attacked in the water. We see a ‘close up shot’ of brody’s face when he is ...

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