The first few minutes of 'Die Hard' are extremely economic

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Tinius Pusparajah

The first few minutes of ‘Die Hard’ are extremely economic. They offer the audience an enormous amount of information about the story they are about to see. By paying close      reference to the text, show how far you agree with this statement.

There are a lot economic in the first few minutes I suppose. However in this essay I am going to explain the scenes where I confess that it relates to economic and how far I agree with this statement. In order to achieve my target I need to ensure that I pay close attention on the first few minutes of the ‘Die Hard’ and the camera angle shots used.  

During the first few minutes of ‘Die Hard’ we already realise it is extremely economic because in every single scene we see there is economic involved such as when Bruce arrives with a limousine it shows us that Bruce is a high class, very formal, decent, rich in money wise and official. All these are linked to economic. The black colour limousine denotes strength, authority and shows elegance.  

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At the beginning of the ‘Die hard’ we see Bruce presents in a limousine, medium shot has been exerted to introduce Bruce and the driver. By doing this as an audience we become aware of Bruce being not just powerful but also a rich person. While the limousine arrives there is a point of view angle to establish the area and a high, tall building stood up to show that they are going to end up in that building. So this gives the audience an idea of that something negatively is going to occur in that building.  


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