The opening scene to the film Romeo and Juliet.

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Toby Heard

Romeo and Juliet

The opening scene to the film Romeo and Juliet begins with a high up shot showing the city the film it is set in. This shot sets the scene and lets the audience know where it is. There is a low down shot of the man’s feet as he steps out of his vehicle, this gives the man a sense of mystery and raises enigmas from the audience. The camera then follows where the man is walking by rotating and then rotates back to show another mans feet stepping out of the car. This keeps up the mystery further and as the camera is low down it automatically gives the people more status as they are higher up. When the men first reveal their guns the camera zooms in to an extreme close up and shows the gun handles. The fact that it shows the zoom emphasises the importance of the guns and the family crests on the handles. As the four men are arguing there are a lot of changes in camera shots. The camera keeps switching between the peoples faces quickly, which builds up the tension and suspense. When showing the peoples faces it is using a close up. The effect of this is that it can show how the characters are feeling and their emotions such as anger and fear. Another technique used is the point of view shot. It does this when the man points his gun at a small boy. The camera looks at the man from the end of the gun as if it were the boy that shows how he must feel and puts the audience in his shoes. It also uses a point of view shot when it shows a shot looking down the target lens and shows the cross hair on screen. This makes it more exciting to watch and again puts us in the characters shoes.

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There are a few different editing techniques used in this sequence. At the beginning of the sequence there is a series of wipes to go to the next scene. Using these wipes instead of just cutting to the next scene makes it more interesting to watch and because there are many in a row it gives a sense of excitement and suspense. As each character is introduced into the story the frame freezes and the writing comes up to show who they are. The effect of having the freeze frames makes it more exciting and makes the audience concentrate ...

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