The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

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The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

(Visual, Aural and Spacial)

The visual, aural and spacial elements are three very key factors with the final performance product. The Visual elements include; Make-up: To emphasise facial feature and prevent lighting making the face shine. Masks; these are effective to help provide a unique character identification or to categorise a number of characters into one group using identical masks. This technique is visually appealing and holds the audience’s attention well. Costume; is visually significant as it creates each characters individuality and portrays a set time period. It allows the audience to identify aspects of that particular character’s personality and can very often add serious or comical value. Props; provide a wider picture of the situation and help the actors get into role. They also provide the audience with character information, for example within scene two Dogsborough and son are in the kitchen cleaning glasses, this shows their therefore working class as is they were middle class they would have servants to do that for them. Therefore social position and status is achieved. The Scenery and Set; within a play conveys the visual idea of the time, place and surroundings, and can contain semiotics to symbolise and interpret certain things in theatre. The final visual element key to this play is physical performance style. It makes the play a reflection of what the playwright wants to achieve through movement, posture, and positions etc.

The Aural elements include music to create atmosphere, tension and emotion and emphasise significant moments and create irony. (For example within scene 7 the song is being sung through the warehouse fire. This plays with the audience’s emotions and projects a contrast on stage which can make the audience feel tense and uncomfortable but also will remain in their minds after it’s over.) The use of voice: There are a number of different vocal qualities that can be extremely effective within a play through experimenting with the pitch, tempo and accent. You could add different emotions and feelings to the scene through your voice to gain the audience’s sympathy or want them to ask questions or get angry at the way your character has acted. Non verbal noises; are another aural quality. Rather than drawing attention to someone speaking this draws attention to the actions their making.

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The Spacial elements are the combined effect of sound and space and cover the way in which the characters use the stage space. This includes blocking, assessing where they are on stage (downstage right, centre stage etc.) and considering the relationship between characters or objects on stage and portrays social positions. 

Scene one:

Aural; The first significant aural element within the play is the sarcastic laughter from the business men mocking UI. This gives the audience an impression that they don’t think much of him, which portrays a very negative unpopular immediate impression although we haven’t properly met him. Visual; at the end ...

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