The sixth sense - review.

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The sixth sense

I think that the sixth sense falls into a mystery-thriller. Mystery because at the start you wonder what’s wrong with Cole, but half way though we find out his problem that he can see dead people, and then we wonder how he can be helped and will Malcolm be able to help him. Near the end there is an unexpected twist, and you find out Malcolm has been dead all along. The audience needs to believe that Malcolm has been dead all the time; otherwise we would know Cole could see dead people all along and most of the scenes would be pointless. Some bits of the film are scary and can make u jump, that’s why it falls into a thriller. The film is meant to trick the audience all the way through with loads of twists and turns. The film could make people think maybe just for one second, are their dead people walking around that we cant see? And is there any one who could see dead people?

At the beginning of the first scene it looks as if Cole’s mum and Malcolm have been having a conversation, because they are facing each other and appear to be looking at each other, we also think they have been having a conversation by the way they have been sitting, it looks like they have been sitting there for a while and they are nice and comfortable, but we actually don’t see them talking. When Cole comes home Cole’s mum goes to great him, and they start to tell each other about there days that didn’t really happen, like there dream days. While Cole and his mum talk about there dream day Malcolm smiles, this tell us that he knows what they said they did in there days aren’t true but it’s a nice thing to do, it also shows Cole and his mum have a good relationship. This scene is important for later on when Cole’s mum gets accused for beating him, this scene proves she would never hurt him and they have a good relationship.

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As Cole’s mum leaves the room she says “ you have got an hour” this makes the audience assume that Malcolm and Cole have an hour to talk, but what she really means is Cole has an hour until dinner. The Camera helps deceive us because Cole’s mum turns around as she says, “ you have got an hour” making it look like she’s talking to Malcolm. After Cole’s mum leaves the room Cole and Malcolm play a game, Malcolm says it’s a mind reading game and if he reads Cole’s mind correctly Cole takes a step forward, ...

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