The topic with which my Media Production dealt with was amateur music Band's and how to start one.

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Media Production Evaluation

“Six easy steps to create a band”


The topic with which my Media Production dealt with was amateur music Band’s and how to start one.  I decided upon this topic as I believed it would be quite interesting documentary to film because there are many different sections that need explaining and so this allows for a lot of scope when filming.  My main aim was to provide my audience with a committed info-documentary on how to start their own band, and attempt to encourage people to do just that.


In order to achieve my objectives, I aimed to produce a short documentary/report similar to those that frequently air on MTV.

I viewed the following programmes, which were targeted towards to my target audience specifically to see what choices of shots, effects and editing are used: -

  • MTV Cribs
  • MTV How to live like a rock star
  • MTV2’s Gonzo
  • T4 on Channel 4  

All of these shows were targeted towards my target audience.  I paid particular attention to the MTV report “How to live like a rock star” which served to inform and give advice to a youth audience, but in a flamboyant and exaggerated style and it followed the same basic template as my short report (How to….).  The report was 10 minutes long and was part of a larger show called MTV News; it was basically a short documentary made by one of MTV’s presenters.  I wanted my production to be in the same report genre.  I aimed to produce the documentary in the same particular style as those that air on MTV so that it would be targeted at a particular audience not just because of its content but because of the way its filmed and edited etc.


The audience I was primarily attempting to reach through my production was a young, mostly teenage audience, 13-25 who preferably played musical instruments and were interested in more alternative, less mainstream music.  I specifically targeted a mostly male audience because it is well documented that there are more males interested in playing in bands than females but there are equally as many females who enjoy listening to the same alternative music as males so I haven’t totally kept them out as they would equally be interested in the types of bands and music in my production and for maybe even purely for the entertainment factor of it.  The issue dealt with by my report is relevant to almost all of Britain; and so I haven’t made a conscious attempt to appeal to audiences just in a particular country because the issue is universal, I thought an audience living in England or Scotland would be just as interested in my report as someone from Wales because the audience can relate to the local band’s being interviewed to local band’s in their area and when they see shots of a local venue, they can relate that to one of their local venue’s.  I decided I wouldn’t try and target an audience any older than 25 because by that age most people have decided whether they’d want to be in a band or not and so the topic discussed would not be very relevant to anybody after that age. Also I didn’t want really go above about 25 years old because then I feel I’d be commenting more on the history of music and bands instead of how to create one, this is why I’ve tried to keep mainly to the point in the documentary and tried not go to far into other subject matter.  Because it was made with a teenage audience in mind and a channel with exactly my audience to air it on I kept the style of it to just appeal to a younger audience.  I didn’t want the documentary appeal to the more experienced musician because I feel that they would learn nothing new and I felt this was only for the amateur musician.

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During my research in to programmes of a similar to genre to mine I found that in these reports targeted towards the “MTV generation”, what was happening on screen was important, they contained a lot of visual set pieces and energy, so editing and sound would be very important in my report, sometimes even more so than the actual content because the purpose of these sort of programmes is to provide entertainment.  So I made sure my production contained these e.g. I used many different effects to link the transition between shots such as wipes and dissolves and visual effects ...

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