The Woman in black - The Fortune theatre, London.

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The Woman in Black

PLAY: The Woman in black.

THEATRE: The Fortune theatre, London.

This is a ghost play by Stephen Mallatratt. The play sees the elderly Arthur Kipps, played by Pip Donaghy, attempt to exorcise the ghosts of his past by having a young actor, Colin Hurley, portray his experiences on the stage of a currently empty theatre.

The set and lighting that was used during the play was very basic, this was done purposely because the lay is set in an empty theatre, which is still tidying up after a past production. The main items used during the play were visible from the outset. There was a large wicker basket, a stool, two wooden chairs and a clothes wrack.  Seeing as these items had to be used to portray most items and settings, the lighting would have to be used cleverly, and it was. It enhanced the simple set and added to the illusion of place and created an atmosphere. The lighting and sound in the following places was; -

London office- A low and dull light with sound =s of horse and carriages trotting past outside. A ticking clock was cleverly used to create an office feeling. Tomes had his room down stage right in this scene.


                                                              Young Kipps

                       Tomes’ room

Train-Different chairs were used to give us an idea of the three trains comfort. A big comfortable chair and warm lighting was used in London to show optimism, where the wicker basket and cold lighting were used on the final train to create an ominous feeling, this train was ‘ancient and comfortless’. A clever piece of lighting was also used in this scene. It was a revolving gobo to create the look of the train going through a tunnel. Tannoy announcements between trains to create atmosphere.

Hotel- Busy bar sound effect, which went quiet with the mentioning of Alice Drablows name.

Church-  A laundry basket was the alter and it was positioned upstage centre. Footsteps of coffin bearers are heard as well as a vicar’s voice as he gives the funeral sermon. A gobo of a cross is projected upstage centre where it is thrown onto gauze. In the Churchyard a leaf gobo is projected onto the floor to represent the outdoors, sounds of crows are heard which is unpleasant and gives an anonymous feeling, vicars voice is still heard as coffin goes into ground, vicars last words, ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’

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Outside eel marsh house- A gobo of the house has been projected onto the first gauze. The gobo represents an unwelcoming, doted mansion (this gobo is shown every time a scene is set outside eel marsh house) he is quoted as saying ‘A tall gaunt house.’

Inside eel marsh house- A musty yellow lighting, the sound effects are the door slamming every time Kipps enters, whilst Kipps is looking through the house a grandfather clock is heard ticking, this creates suspension.

One of the best scenes for visual acting was scene 7. this was the horse and trap scene. It ...

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