'Theatre in Edcation' Evaluation.

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Tuesday 31st May

AQA Drama Part1

‘Theatre in Edcation’ Evaluation.

My practical exam took place on Tuesday 26th April, when I performed a Theatre in Education piece (Option 4) to a young audience with a keen interest in drama. Our theme was primarily emotional abuse in a domestic situation but closely tied in with alcoholism as well. We attempted to portray these themes in an entertaining, thought provoking way. This would ensure that our audience could empathise with the characters and enable them to leave with a broadened knowledge of what really goes on “Behind Closed Doors”.


 My contribution to this performance was as the young, female victim of abuse. My character tended to be shy, quiet and anxious, terrified of her mother, wary of her sister and frustrated with her hopeless father. To portray this, I used strong body language (e.g. cowering, huddling), facial expressions and intonation to help the audience empathise with my character. I wanted the audience to focus entirely on my emotions; these varied throughout the play as I could be withdrawn in one scene, then tense and angry in the next. This showed the different sides to Maddy’s (my character) personality, just like those of people in real life.

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     I performed a monologue to give the audience a chance to find out more about my characters inner most feelings and used duologues to show how she interacted with other members of her family and friends. To help with my characterisation and involvement in the situation, I researched the topic of physical and mental abuse using the Internet and library books. My main source of information was a beautiful poem. “My Sunglasses” is written by a former victim of abuse and was useful, not just for factual information, but for providing me with a way in which I ...

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