Theatre Review - Almost Human.

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Theatre Review: Almost Human

Title: Almost Human

Author: Robert Rigby

Name of Company: Lynx Theatre Company

Venue: Performance Studio, TMHS

Performance Style

Comedy, Tragedy, History, Absurd, Documentary, Physical Theatre, Melodrama, Naturalism, Realism


The main idea of the play is that monkeys are almost human. The play presents the idea of people who love animals, but these characters feel that killing and hurting animals is acceptable – so are shown to be hypocritical.


The play tells the story of a monkey. He is in the jungle and is about to be shot. He is saved by a woman of the circus, who names the monkey Tarzan. She trains him to do the tricks, but ends up beating him to do the stunts.  At a show, the trainer pushes Tarzan too far, and he falls and hurts his leg. He is unable to do shows now, so the Zoo buys him. At the zoo, he is supposed to mate, but he scares the customers. Tarzan is then bought by an animal acting company. His first job is for an advert. Each take, he does something wrong, and eventually scares the actress and causes a fight. He is then sold to a laboratory, where he is tested on. One of the scientists feels guilty, and ends his life.

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In my opinion, I don’t think the play builds to a big climax, but you can tell that the monkey is going to die at the end. I think the segues were well done, and the variety of scenes worked well for the storyline. The most memorable scene for me was when Tarzan was tested on. It was very dramatic and distressing, and the audience sympathise with Tarzan.


I thought some of the characters were convincing, but a few were too unrealistic. At the zoo, the characters were very convincing and you could relate to the ...

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