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By: Azmina Thanda

Observed on: Thursday, September 6th 2001 @ Richmond theatre

Time: 19:45

Theme: Dynamics of nightclub culture

As a venue Richmond, theatre provides a perfect platform for the staging of British playwright John Godber’s outrageous comedy ‘Bouncers’.

The play ‘Bouncers’ explores the dynamics of working class pub and nightclub culture and offers the audience a remarkably in-depth comedic look at the world of nightclub revelry.

John Godber’s unrefined comedy ensures that people are able to identify the familiar routines of recognizable characters while being struck by the basic absurdity of the situations in which these characters find themselves.

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As soon as you enter the theatre you are greeted by the four actors who are in role, immaculately attired in black suits realistically imitating bouncers. This sets a vibrant atmosphere and it is a great way to begin a play.

Throughout the play, the bouncers familiarize us to how their regulars behave before, during and after a visit to the club. Each actor plays up to three or four roles each.

The play is funny, witty and downright farcical at times, but is underscored with a message: that these bouncers’ lives are bleak, meaningless and pathetic. The play is ...

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