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I thought that the set was quite spacious and was well organised out. The set had many different illustrations that gave a good effect. The actors had plenty of room and not for one minute did the set the stage looked squashed claustrophobic. The stage was also set out in a circle where the audience would sit around the stage and the actors would perform while being surrounded by the audience. This type of seating made the play more interesting instead of the basic theatre positions.

I found that the plot was quite intriguing. Its seemed interesting and the actors portrayed the character really well, which made us easily understand the storyline. I feel that each character played an important part in the performance and in the plot which made it so interesting and at sometimes, amusing.

I liked all the character in the performance; they each had their own personality and attitude. I practically liked the teacher who was called Barry. He had a quiet and polite attitude and most characters disliked him. However he was a dedicated teacher who was determined that Darren, who is a 16 year old, was going to pass his art, GCSE examination. Barry was also, kind and helpful because he offered Darren’s mum, Marie, a room in his house where she could live for a while.

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During the whole of the performance there was not really any form of masks or makeup.

The characters wore the same costume all the way through the show. The costumes were normal and not very attractive.

The use of space during the performance was used quite well. The performance never looked squashed and there always seemed to be enough space for every part of thee performance.

One of the main props of the performance was in fact the Scorcher. The structure looked very attractive and immaculate. It had been painted very well and I liked the ...

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