This is where we got the idea for our first pre-wedding scene, to look at 2 religions involved in one wedding, which is not a big issue these days as many love marriages are not

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As we all know marriages can change people’s lives in many ways, normally all for the good. However, weddings can also be a headache, all the rushing around and all that pressure to ensure that the most important day runs perfectly in recent weeks we completed a number of different pieces of drama based around these problems and other issues all connected to the theme of weddings. We all know how important weddings are and we’ve all been to someone’s wedding and seen it go all good or unfortunately in some cases everything goes wrong! Therefore, the tasks given weren’t too hard as we all had some experience of what happens in weddings.

We looked at how different cultures and religions approach weddings. As we can see from the photos sir gave us they can vary in many ways. This is where we got the idea for our first pre-wedding scene, to look at 2 religions involved in one wedding, which is not a big issue these days as many love marriages are not within one religion, but there’s always a slight disagreement with the parents. We looked at the problems they can cause and came up with a short play. The play consisted of 4 characters. A typical Pakistani mum, a Pakistani dad, a Pakistani son and his white girlfriend. I played the role of the Pakistani son as we needed a powerful character that would be able to express his feelings and felt confident that I would be able to play this role efficiently.

Our scene was based on the day where I introduce my white girlfriend to my parents. The scene started off with my parents in the living room waiting for me to bring home a traditional Pakistani girl who would be great at cooking the “chapattis” I am fully aware of this and while my parent discuss this matter I stand outside explaining to my white girlfriend that my parents aren’t going to have a very positive approach about our relationship she is willing to co-operate and we walk in to the living room.

My mother who is watching TV jumps up as soon as I point to my white girlfriend and say “mum, this is her”. We chose to freeze here and tell the audience what was running through our minds as we felt that this was the most significant part in our play. A picture was also taken to show our facial expressions and how we were place on stage. I then turn towards the audience and tell them that I’m not surprised as I knew my mum would react in this way I just hope it doesn’t go too bad. My girlfriend played by Amira turns to the audience and tells them how rude she finds my mum but because she loves me she will compromise. My mother played by Saima, who is livid at this point, tells the audience she will never let a white girl become her daughter in law as she wants a traditional Pakistani girl and she is not going to come to any sort of compromise. My father played by Gulshan is in his own world reading a newspaper, he tells the audience that he is not concerned to whether his daughter in law is white or Pakistani as long as his sons happy.

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We then carried on with the scene which leads straight to chaos me and my mum get into an argument as she is not willing to compromise and accept my white girlfriend, however I am also a stubborn man and swear not to marry any one but her. The scene ends with me walking out in a rage with my girlfriend shouting I will no one but her and my mum shouting at my dad for not saying anything.

I personally felt that this scene went really well as it reflected the opinions of different people from ...

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