Too much punch for Judy.

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Too much punch for Judy


The play is about two girls from Essex that like to go out drinking and to clubs.  Then they meet two men named Bob and Nob, they are of the box characters, and are up for anything. Then they are all drunk and Jo and Judy decide to go home, and not sure who should drive, and their giving their reasons on who should drive, then they reach a decision on who should drive and Judy gets the keys from her younger sister.  They get in the car and drive past two policemen Pc Carter and PC Abraham.

 They then crash a short while after, and a young man Duncan gets out and runs across to the crash scene to see if he can help, he decides to ring the police and put some shoes on.  The police get on the radio and start to make their way to the crash scene.  Meanwhile Duncan gets Judy out from the car and she starts to make signs of recovery.  At this point the police car comes round the corner and PC Abraham runs over to Jo who is dead and Pc carter checks for a pulse. PC Abraham then takes off his jacket to cover her, then goes to get a fire extinguisher.

 He then comes back on with two people who carry Jo off.  The two policemen go to Vic’s house that is Jo and Judys mum, no one answered, so they came away.  Later that day PC Carter gets hold of Vi at her house, and speaks to her about her daughter

At this time Nurse Davis is speaking to Judy about her health and her sister, PC Carter takes Vi (Judy’s mother) to go to see her in hospital; they speak to each other about what happened and are they ok? Judy does a soliloquy to back before the accident (flashback) and everything’s the same, but this time instead of talking, about whose going to drive, Judy tells Jo to ring for a cab, So this way the crash was prevented.

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Lucy portrayed the character of Judy who is in her early twenties, I think Lucy could relate to this character well, because she is 18 and can do all these different things that Judy can do.

So I think it was more reality for her, she played the part of Judy really well, she was able to get emotional at points in the play, and she had to tell the story like a narrator.  There were a few parts that did not go too well, this was because of technical difficulty, like the timing of music, ...

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