With reference to one production you have seen, comment on the effectiveness of the directors interpretation in communicating the central issues or themes of the play.

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Simon Oxberry

“With reference to one production you have seen,

Comment on the effectiveness of the directors

Interpretation in communicating the

Central issues or themes of the play”

The play I will be writing about is Silas Marner; it was first published in 1861, and was written by George Elliot. The particular play I saw was directed by Tim Baker, he personally adapted the play and it was shown at Theatre Clwyd, Theatre Clwyd is small but locally renowned for its welsh productions. The publicity leaflets they use are unimaginative and plain, its design is not very eye catching or intriguing, it doesn’t draw you in and interest you to the degree of actually going to see the play. A few of my friends went to see this production before me and their ratings of it weren’t too high, they said it was good but not memorable. My expectations of the play are not too high I have no clue to the style of the play due to Tim Baker adapting it, and since Theatre Clwyd is not very big they will have problems with space to work in and how many actors will be in it. I have studied Silas Marner in the past and I’m interested to see how closely the production follows the script or whether it strays now and again. I expect I’ll enjoy the play based on the fact I haven’t seen it performed before so it should be interesting to me no matter how good/bad the performance.

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    The theatre was a large old well-built building, with lights out in front of it. It gave a feeling of importance to the place, the theatre its self was situated in the remote countryside and was surrounded by fields. The age groups turning up to see the plays shown there seemed to be around middle aged people and obviously teenagers on school trips. Inside the theatre, the rooms where the performance took place were small and the stage was a small circular platform. It was an unusual place to perform. I have always been used to a rectangular ...

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