Write an essay which describes your involvement in this term’s Drama Activities

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Write an essay which describes your involvement in this term’s Drama Activities

Over the past few weeks, a group of nine drama students have been working on a short pantomime suitable for infant children. In this essay I hope to describe my involvement in this term’s work.

Due to the fact we had a very short amount of time to produce the pantomime, we focused on the content of the production. However, we did dedicate one lesson to props and costumes. In this lesson, as a group we discussed what would be needed as a minimum to portray our characters well enough so young children would understand the characters. As the villain, I thought it would be best if I wore dark clothing evoking evil. However, being completely dark may have upset some of the young children, so I added my name in metallic sliver to a black leather jacket, to brighten up my costume. As the play was to be performed around Christmas, we had elves in the play and as a group decision, we decided the elves should be in a brightly coloured uniform. We used very little music as we felt there was not enough time to prepare or learn any more routines. Therefore, we only used a few verses of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” so the children could join in.

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Our play consisted of 9 separate characters, Santa; who was the brains behind the situation, we decided it was best to do it this way because young children have many fantasies regarding Santa, Superwoman; the heroine, four elves; the most significant of which being Tweedle Dumb who causes the problem which is the plot, Double and trouble; the two villains in the play and finally Molly; a young child who owns many dolls which come to life. The plot was as follows: The two villains steal all the presents, and the elves with the help of Santa, go on a ...

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