An Economic report of Manchester

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An Economic report of Manchester

Employment Performance

Which sectors does Manchester outperform the UK.  Education it outperforms the UK it’s the second largest city

In the UK its normal to expect it to spend more on education due to its high population. Interestingly professional

Scientific and technical activities outperform the UK. A new economy has been put in place a smarter

Economy based on tertiary sectors moving away from its manufacturing past. 2023 its estimating employment in

The above sector will rise around 130,000 for the greater Manchester region. Accommodation and food service

Activities outperforming the UK is expected also as it’s the second most visited city in England and 3rd in the UK.

Sectors which do poorly manufacturing once the cotton producing capital of the world now this industry is all but

Extinct. Information and communication is behind the UK average this is surprising as recently media city has been

opened in Manchester  ITV, BBC and SIS are based there.

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It’s important not to underestimate the effect cities music or sports scene has, many people would recognise Liverpool ahead of a more economically significant city like Birmingham due to The Beatles. Manchester became the music capital of England in the 80s and continued onwards in the 90’s. Manchester United is the most supported club in the world. Forbes lists it as the second most valuable club behind Real Madrid. The soul of the city based on sports with heavy music influences. One effect is the number of young people who want to live there. Young people want to live and ...

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