For the Broadcasting market discusses the extent to which it is contestable in terms of its characteristics and its consequences.

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For the Broadcasting market discusses the extent to which it is contestable in terms of its characteristics and its consequences. [15]

Contestable markets are a term given to a market structure which can be calorized with the following features which it includes, from no barriers to entry and exit, no sunk cost as a result, many buyers and seller and product differentiation. The degree of contestability to reflected on the level of barrier to entry and exit. This will determine the level of competition and profits in brief terms.

Oligopolies exist when there is only few firms in the market, main features of an oligopoly market is that of product differentiation, supernormal profit and high level of barrier to entry

Broadcasting is a changing market structure from since the BBC monopolies, and oligopolies of SKY, the market in the recent has increased the level of contestability, with many other provider apart from SKY and cable offering premium television, likes with BT and freesat. Competition is set to increase significantly with the arrival of digital TV, allowing greater programs to be aired for free. Greater competition will allow improving content as broadcasters battle to keep their viewers. Technological advances in innovation may promote a greater scope of competition in this market.

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BskyB is holding a monopoly in major sports which have a significant barrier to entry for a new broadcaster or even an existing broadcast sports like that of SKY. This results in a barrier to entry from high capital investment.

Improvement competition has allow the market of broadcasting to become more contestable, there is greater choice on viewing digital on platforms with three platforms available, the market can be characterised as an oligopoly, as with attempts of product differentiation. But the services offered are very similar, as channels on different platforms not differ so much. Channels to become established, of them ...

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