Toray Textiles in to Mansfield

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Case Study of

  • What is Toray?
  • Why Mansfield?
  • How does it benefit local community?
  • The multiplier effect.
  • Factors involving the choice of a work site

Toray Textiles - Key facts :

  • Established in Japan in 1926.
  • Owns over 60 branch plants – Asia, North America, Europe, making company name recognised worldwide.
  • Plants include: Italian artificial suede manufacturer, French carbon fibre manufacturer.
  • Sales offices located in Milan and Frankfurt.

Why Britain?

  • Close link with Marks & Spencer – provides a good product outlet and can supply new designs at short notice.
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  • Turnover expected to be over 80 million pounds from new plant in Mansfield.
  • Japan has become too expensive as a manufacturing base for a product so technically unadvanced.
  • E.C. rules state that, unless 60% of any product is made in E.C. by E.C. registered employees, then the product is subject to import duty in the form of money or commission, or by limiting the amount of the product sold (tariffs/quotas).
  • Productivity higher than in Japan and U.S.A.
  • Automation higher than in Japan and U.S.A.
  • Less training required.
  • High unemployment rates.
  • Longer working week.
  • No minimum wage or legal paid ...

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