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Toray Textiles in to Mansfield

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Economic TORAY TEXTILES INTO MANSFIELD Case Study of * What is Toray? * Why Mansfield? * How does it benefit local community? * The multiplier effect. * Factors involving the choice of a work site Toray Textiles - Key facts : * Established in Japan in 1926. * Owns over 60 branch plants - Asia, North America, Europe, making company name recognised worldwide. * Plants include: Italian artificial suede manufacturer, French carbon fibre manufacturer. * Sales offices located in Milan and Frankfurt. Why Britain? * Close link with Marks & Spencer - provides a good product outlet and can supply new designs at short notice. ...read more.


* No minimum wage or legal paid holiday. Why Mansfield? * Mainline inter-city rail link to London and Birmingham making big cities more accessible - products can be sent for sale more easily. * Accessible to the M1 and U.K motorway networks - access to buyers and channel ports - easier imports and exports. * High unemployment - not only will vacancies be filled but there is competition - workers could accept lower wages. * Nottingham is nearby - worldwide reputation for textiles. * High water table in area - vast quantities required for bleaching and dyeing. * Unemployed miners well qualified in safety practices - an area upon which Toray places great importance. ...read more.


* Has seen a revival in textile manufacturing. * Has prevented the need to import fabric from abroad. Multiplier effect: * New employees have more money to spend, creating work in tertiary employment i.e. services, shops, tourism, banking, housing and education. * If Toray is successful, other companies may be encouraged to locate in the area. Factors involving the choice of a work site: * Accessablity to a good infrastructure. * Opportunity to set up on a greenfield site. - less cost and the opportunity to expand. * Level of unemployment - competition for vacancies * Prejudices for/against a particular area, for example the North/South divide in certain areas * Tradition of use of technology. * Political situation - a particularly shaky situation may cause people to boycott i.e. South Africa in 1970's and 80's ...read more.

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