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What were the effects of the 2003 budget?

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Introduction In this coursework I have been asked what were the effects of the 2003 budget are. In this coursework I will be analyzing and looking at the budget of 2003 and see if "everyone benefited from the budget". In the following coursework I will be finding out whether everyone benefited form the budget of 2003. When completing this coursework research is the most important thing that I need to do so that I can then focus on whether or not everyone benefited from the budget. In order to this I will first have carry out surveys and then from this I can then produce my coursework. I have followed a structure which has helped me to structure my coursework. The following structure was used in the coursework * Introduction * Background * Research Section * Theory Section * Conclusion /Evaluation * Bibliography and finally I will have a series of Appendices I would expect that last years would affect ,any people and tin this coursework I will a***s whether people benefited from the budget or not. Overall many people would have been affected by the budget. Firstly I would say that people that drink spirits and wines did not benefit this is because taxes on beer and wine went up by a total of 5p. On the other hand some people that benefited from the budget these p[people were the pensioner as the pensioners over 80 would get an extra #100 and this would help them I many ways. ...read more.


Question 4 How many children do you have under the age of 16? This pie chart tells that many people that I interviewed had no children under the age of 16 only a small proportion of people had 2 children under the age of 16. In fact 57 of the people had no children and 36% had 1 child under the age of 16 in their household. Question 5 Part 1 Do you smoke? This graph simply tells us that mostly the people that I interviewed did not smoke and only a small minority did smoke. 79% of the people that I interviewed did not smoke only 21% of the people that I interviewed did not smoke. Question 5 Part 2 Do you drive a car? This graph tells us that most people drive a car that I interviewed and a small number of people did not drive a car. 64% of the people that I interviewed drove a car and 36% of the people that I interviewed did not drive a car. Question 5 Part Three Do you travel by air? This graph tells us that more people that I interviewed traveled by air and only a small number had not flown by air. We can see that 79%of the people had flown by air and only 12% had not traveled by air. Question 6 Do you have your own home? We can see that a small percentage of people that I interviewed did not have their own home this percentage was 57% and only 43% of the people that I interviewed did not own their home. ...read more.


We can also see that people that receive a fixed income they receive the same amount of tax they did before because income tax stays the same. Others that have benefited from the budget are people that play Bingo as the tax that is paid is going to be abolished. Pensioners over the age of 80 also have benefited because they will receive an extra �100 annually meaning that they will gain the most. In my opinion would say that the government has not looked at everyone and I think that they have set targets that suit everyone and I would say that the government should rethink their objectives. I would recommend to the government any things: * They should think more about people that are employed * They should spend the money gained from taxes that will be of use to everyone such as hospitals and roads building. * I would also like to recommend that young people are taken into consideration In order for me to improve, coursework I could of done many things . If I could improve I should of haven more time so this means that theresults that I got would be more accurate. If I had more resources such as other books and this could have improved my coursework. There were also some problems for me to complete this coursework this is because my computer broke down meaning that I had to some of the coursework again meaning that the original version could have been better. ...read more.

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