10 things I hate about Stereotypical Femininity

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10 things I hate about Stereotypical Femininity

An all time favourite film is also another compliance of traditional concepts of gender.

Femininity. When one hears this word what would generally spring to mind are the commonly assumed images of the classic female beauty - pretty, smiling, stereotypically beautiful and probably covered in pink.  For my first and most important of 10 things I hate about stereotypical femininity – Films of today are often positioning viewers to agree to stereotypical constructions of gender, which occurs in the film 10 things I hate about you. 

Clichéd femininity in this film has been both adhered to and challenged through different characters in the film.

My item on the list is that Bianca’s character fits the mould of a traditional teenage girl beautifully. She is pretty and adored by all her peers, she is perceived to be almost untouchable as she is described by Michael, a boy at her school of lower social stance as part of the “don’t even think about it” group.

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She is shown to be into the assumed “girly” things as she explains the difference for her love for her Prada backpack, and the like for her sketchers.

The character is sweetly spoken. She never uses vile language and still refers to her father cheerfully as “daddy”.

My number three is that throughout the movie Bianca’s attire is always suited to the occasion, and carefully put together so everything matches. Small details have been attended to, for example cute hair clips and fabulous accessories.

The corny fact that she is followed around by her best friend Chastity whose character ...

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