A Brave New World Summary

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Brave New World Précis        

The novel begins at the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Center, where the Director of the human production plant and his assistant, Henry Foster, are giving a group of male students a tour of  the center.  The boys take notes as the Director explains how the plant produces as many identical human clones as possible.  The Delta, Gamma and Epsilon, three classes of people, are conditioned to love their surroundings, but are deprived of oxygen to make them less intelligent than the other two classes,  Alpha and Beta.  A worker at the plant, Lenina Crowne, describes how she must give antibiotics and hormones to certain children produced.

        The students are ushered through the training and conditioning of the infants in the nursery of the plant.  Delta babies are conditioned to hate books and flowers, while Beta babies undergo sleep lessons.

         The Director then takes the students to a play area for young children, where they engage in “erotic play.”   The students are taught about history, and are shocked by the restrictions on sex in the past.  Soon, Mustapa Mond, one of the World Leaders, tells them that history is unimportant and that in the past, which was full of morals and love, humans were insecure and could not function properly.

        Lenina upsets her friend, Fanny, by telling her she has been having a relationship with Henry Foster.  She also tells Fanny about feelings she has for another man, Bernard Marx.

        Lenina goes to Bernard and accepts his invite to see the Savage Reservation.  This outward show of affection embarrasses Bernard and he asks to talk about it in private.  Lenina then goes on a date with Henry in his helicopter.

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         Bernard often feels inadequate because he is shorter than other Alphas, making him the same height as the lower castes.  Bernard goes to meet with another Alpha, Helmholtz Watson, who has a “mental excess” that keeps him slightly separated from society.  Bernard boasts that Lenina has accepted his invitation, but Helmholtz is uninterested.

        Bernard goes to the Director and asks for permission to go to the Savage Reservation, which he grants.  The Director tells Bernard of his experiences with a young woman in the reservation and how she was lost there.  Before leaving, Bernard learns that the director is planning ...

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