'A Closer Look' Crime Story + Commentary

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A Closer Look

I could feel the perspiration on my forehead; tension in my shoulders; a hard gnawing feeling of panic in my stomach. I had to get this right. One wrong move and... No - failure was not an option.

At precisely 08:00 he arrived to open the doors, punctual as ever. Even from a top floor flat three blocks away, I could see him clearer than if I was just three metres from him, as I carefully adjusted the lens on my binoculars. Casually he stepped out of his silver Mercedes-Benz, A-class. Wearing a smart, linen three piece, he was tall, clean-shaven and business-like. He made his way from the car park to unlock the front entrance to the bank.

I put down my binoculars and turned my attention to the television screen sat next to me. I could now see him on the camera I had installed inside the bank earlier that week. It had not been easy.

Three days before, having closely observed the comings and goings of the security guards and scheduled a timetable of their everyday movements, I knew precisely when the opportunity would present itself. And when it did, I was ready. Having gained access to the bank, a dark hooded jacket and a scarf disguised my appearance perfectly. I took a great deal of care in installing the camera, but I had to move quickly since the bank’s own security cameras allowed for a window of only seventeen seconds to utilise their blind spot.

Now, three days later, the man moved purposefully towards the vault’s large and securely structured doors, unaware that he was being watched. Upon reaching it, he paused for a moment. He glanced cautiously over his shoulder. At this point during the operation, I felt somewhat edgy; somewhat sceptical.

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Having checked behind him, he reached out his right hand for the keypad. This was my “in”. I zoomed the camera in on his hand as he tapped in the code which would open the vault. There it was, right before my eyes. Now I had exactly what I needed; months of planning was about to pay off. I knew there would only be one chance to get this right, but it had to be done that day. The flight was booked for 04:00 the next morning.

As the day passed, the plan was slowly coming to fruition. Finally ...

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