A View from the Bridge - Mr. Alfieri's role.

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Kyriakos Perdikou

A View from the Bridge

Mr. Alfieri is a vital character from Arthur Miller’s play A View from the Bridge. Alfieri is a Sicilian, but has lived in Red Hook New York since the days of Al Capone. He is a combination of the two cultures, and the overall view that we are given is that Alfieri is a man who knows who he is, what his personality is like and what he wants from life. Not unlike many of the day, all of whom looking for the American dream.

Alfieri’s role in this play is slightly unusual compared to many other modern scripts. He plays two roles in “A View from the Bridge” one is that of a character, a lawyer known by Eddie Carbone and connected to the events leading to the destruction of Mr Carbone, and secondly he is a narrator, like that of a Greek Chorus. Alfieri the lawyer presents a calm, intelligent manner. Arthur Miller uses non-colloquial language with no hint of an accent. Alfieri also speaks with many metaphors and a greater perception of his environment than other characters:

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“I will never forget how dark the room became once he looked upon me… his eyes were like tunnels.” Through his choice of dialogue and stage directions Arthur Miller presents a picture of Alfieri as a man of an intelligent upbringing “And now we are quite civilised, quite American.” His use of language is formal and businesslike.

Eddie the other main character in this story of love and lost is illiterate and works on the docks of New York. He speaks using a colloquial manner that suggests a New Yorker accent. The reader or audience’s stereotypical impression ...

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