'A woman's place is to be manipulated', Discuss this with regard to the novel Emma.

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‘A woman’s place is to be manipulated’, Discuss this with regard to the novel Emma.

        The regency era was very different to modern society. The position of woman can be seen as the main difference. They had to deal with the restrictions of societies expectations, from this the only reward they could receive, or goal to achieve was to get married and have financial security. Although this did not make them powerless against men, simply disadvantaged as their futures were at stake.

        Frank is manipulated by his mother. She has a power over him to unconsciously force him to disguise his love of Jane Fairfax. This is proof that some woman had the power to manipulate men as well. But the only woman who could do this would have to be in some considerable power. Although this is not entirely true as Jane also manipulates Frank. She becomes so tired of Franks behaviour that she manipulates him to stop. By threatening him by drastically leaving him to become a governess, he is given a shock and makes it up to her and gets her back. Therefore woman did have the power to manipulate. Even in the regency period where there was almost no equality or rights for woman, they cannot be seen as powerless.

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        Throughout the beginning of Emma we see that Frank Churchill manipulates Emma. He does this though in order to hide his secret relationship with Jane Fairfax. Jane Fairfax is sent a piano forte by an anonymous sender. This makes Emma believe that there is a relationship between Jane and Mr Dixon and she starts to spread rumours.

‘Of an attachment to Mr Dixon’

This manipulates Emma because it is untrue and he is misinforming Emma. Also he knows that Emma will gossip to others about her findings, from this he is also hurting Jane. Therefore he is being thoughtless ...

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