Advising a friend about online dating

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Dear Jenny,


How are you recently? We haven’t been met each other for a long time and I miss you so much.

I am so far so good here. However, after you have told me that you recently met an American boy online and he asked you to travel over to Florida to visit him, I am worried about you and also I think it is not a good idea to visit a guy who hasn’t met you face to face before.

     I personally think that online dating has its potential danger and it is very unsafe, because not everyone is who they claim to be. There may be a pack of lies in personal information as it is very easy to create fake personal information online and thus, it is difficult to confirm the identity of the person that you are chatting with. If you go to meet the American boy, you may find that all things are not true and the genuine personal information doesn’t matches with that in the internet, may be even the photo in the profile is counterfeit also. With all the photo enhancing technologies that are available nowadays, it is really difficult to know whether the photo you are looking at is a true representation of the person you are chatting with or not. In addition, once if you really go to visit him in Florida, but you find that the contact number and address are not true, then you will be wasting time and energy.

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Apart from the fake personal information, he may cheat on you financially. After you meet him face to face, he may ask for money. Finally, you will get into a financial trouble. You should avoid putting yourself in this situation as it is very troublesome. What’s more, he may also cheat on you sexually. You have to be more careful if he asks to have sex with you immediately on the day that you meet him, you have to say no immediately because both of you don’t know so much about each other.

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