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Alexander: Fault Lines

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Shin, Eunice Period 06 01/08/02 Alexander: Fault Lines As Meena Alexander sees her life as a parcel of shards which have their own identities and implore to be recognized as distinct, she introspects into her fractured condition and finds no solace from the unceasing and permanent enumeration of various cultures, languages, and locals which serve to be the "faults" and defects of her selfhood. Alexander, using figurative language, writes of the multitude of distinct identities to create a structure that overwhelms the reader. She quickly blurts out the diverse locations she has been to, trying to elucidate her presence in the traditional life at Tiruvella and also in the bustling, modernistic community of Manhattan. ...read more.


The word usage of "compacted" seems to represent a forced action, as if Alexander was compelled to learn the different tongues and honor the story of the faultless life she should emulate in finding a respectable husband and in the end swallow her own ending. Alexander uses juxtaposition by placing her "real life," the one which is crooked and fractured, adjacent to the unobtainable fantasy of leading an unblemished, perfect life. This perfect like to Alexander is one in which she can be a bud on the "tree trunk well rooted in a sweet, perpetual place." She emphasizes the m´┐Żlange of backgrounds and then changes her tone in revealing to the reader her inner desires to be a united being. ...read more.


Even within the definition itself there is a multiplicity of explanations, and the words "break," "fragments," "neglect," and "deficiency" all support the ways in which Alexander sees herself as having. The one definition of "...fragments of the adjoining rocks mashes and jumbled together," can be seen as an analogy to the author's mortality of her life is symbolic of the melting pot, the multiple cultures which have been "...jammed into my skin, multiple beings locked into the journeys of one body." The "woman cracked my multiple migrations" uses vivid diction to spill her fragmented identities to the reader and then discloses how she covets the unblemished life. Unable to decide in expressing herself as "I" or "she," Alexander cannot discern herself into a category. She feels that she has no connection to certainty for she has been uprooted so many times and feels disfigured in her own eyes. ...read more.

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